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Full Re-sprays


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If anyone hasn't seen this is why I'm testing the water!


So how much have people been paying for a full spray session these days?

How much am I looking at for a colour change or is it best (& much cheaper) to stay the same shade?

I'm liking the looks of this colour:


Or should (if I don't get any compo money) I just buy some touch-up paint & live with it? :ph34r:

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Can't comment on the price due to the north/south divide but ask yourself this are you ever gonna get a bodykit fitted if no then get yourself to your local auto paint supplier and look at their colour charts you can do sooo much better than that celica colourwise, spend at least 2 hour's looking at the chart's and matching them up to your car and then go home and think about it for a couple of day's and invisage it in your head before deciding.

If yes wait until you can afford the kit before going for a change :thumbsup:

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I posted a thread about this 2 weeks ago..

I have been quoted from £700 to £2000... think I'm getting mine done ready for JAE, not telling you what colour tho!

I take it you have had a tip for a bodyshop near you mate, even though it came via Scotland not gold :lol:

Mine goes in on the 1st, £1000 labour and i supply the paint, will be ready for Japshow@Santapod :thumbsup:

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probably looking around £1500 for a decent job si...

been nattering to jacky as you know if you wanted a kit nows a great time to get one, he's doing the 1st gen front bumper for the 2nd gen now :thumbsup:

also got a quote of 600 quid shipped for the 1st gen kit so should be around that...

sorry to hear about the damadge mate... hope we're not heading for a paseo season like the 2's have


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Makes me wonder though, imagine having a really cool paint job done & then something like what I've had today happening... :ph34r: :arrgg-matey:

Can't plan for it mate, just drive and take those hassle's as they come :(

In my colour it is a spray once a year btw :crybaby:

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