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1988 Tt Soarer


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hey guys i just recently bought a 1988 TT 2L gz20 soarer with engine 1g-gte

i know the turbo's are the CT12's and they are sequential but i was wondering wether it is possible to boost them up a bit i herd that its safe to run em at 15.5 psi but how would i achieve this and dose anyone actualy wat the safe level to run em at is

i am also aware that they are porcelin inside and can be touchy to boost changes which is why i am asking wether it is safe to change it at all

and also dose anybody know if this perticualr model came out stock with the lsd i cant get a straight answere out of the internet : (

and if it has the ESC (electronic skidd control) soing like that ..... i herd that this is a bad thing to have dose anyone know if it actualy is or isnt

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