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Where To Get A Tow Bar For This?


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I'm pretty sure that when i purchased my Rav4 it had a tow bar as i remember thinking how handy it could be. Last week i went to buy a trailer and was surprised to find that my tow bar was missing. I'm now trying to find the removable bit that fits this as i don't want to have to buy a whole new kit. The brand is Brink of Europe, but i don't know the model number.

Anyone know if it's possible to purchase just the removable ball bit?


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There are a couple of towbar installation manuals of the toyota-tech.eu website for the 4.2 model that may help. It's doesn't seem to let me copy and paste for some reason. Look under owner , accessory installation manuals and put your model in. Mine is part no. PZ408-T5552-81 (that's just the removeable part) but yours does look a bit different so it may be the other one. If you are near south Huddersfield you are welcome to TRY it. Maybe Brink could help or contact the previous owner? Mine came with a blue canvas bag to store it in, a toyota towball cover and a blanking plug for when it is removed. Also have a look at the pdf's here as simplified part numbers are listed. http://www.jyautoparts.co.uk/toyota-toyota-rav457-towbars-c-1_2001_2010.html

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