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Petrol Rev Counter On A Diesel Aygo


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Hi all,

I have a question regarding rev counters. If I plug a petrol aygo/c1/107 rev counter into my 1.4 diesel Aygo (2006) will it work? If it does will it read the correct rpm (acknowledging it would only use part of the rev range as the diesel revs lower) or a fraction of (as the petrol is a 3 cylinder and the diesel a 4 cylinder)? Is there something in software that will stop a petrol rev counter working on a diesel?



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They may be exactly the same, but not sure. I hope to pick one up cheap on eBay but don't want to buy a petrol version if it won't work on my diesel Aygo.


From C1 store.........





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The tachometers are different in operation and appearance ( diesel shows a different rev range ) the Toyota part number for a Diesel is:

83270-0H040 - Tacho

90119-W0050- Bolt

45023-0H040-B0 - Steering cowl with tacho

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