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Leaves In Air Vents?

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Hi All,

how are leaves getting into my air vents inside the cabin???????????????????? I am sure there is a bit missing somewhere??????????

I thought the pollen filter and air filter were supposed to protect me from that????????



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Leaves should not pass the air conditioning filter, commonly called the pollen filter. Have you checked to see if one is fitted? I am not sure about the 2001 model but usually they are fitted behind the glove box. The air filter is only for the engine.


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Waqar, the recent weather (heavy rain and wind), probably blew some of the leaves into the intake. But then you leave in a very leafy area, and the leaves could have got in over time. When was the last time you checked, cleaned and changed the pollen filters? Are they there or missing, because I just re-read what your post.

Remember my post stating that most third party factors, like Euro Car Parts sell the left hand drive version. If you cut the tabs off the filters they will still fit, but it will more fiddly trying to remove the upper filter without the tab. For those who don't know, the Mk1 Avensis has 2 pollen filters. They are accessed behind the centre dash by the footrest on the drivers side, behind the carpet. Left hand drive cars access will be next the accelerator. Cost £9.35 from Euro', about £40 from Toyota (needs confirming).

I recently changed a pollen filter for a Renault Grand Scenic, and that was bad. How dirty are your filters if they are there?


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On my visit to Waqar, I removed his cabin/pollen filters and Waqar cleaned them. He put them back, so knows how to access them now.

It is easier demonstrating in person, and I explained about cutting the tabs if he gets the cheaper versions, which are for left hand drive.

Another job issue ticked off the list.

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