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295Mm Avensis Brake Conversion On Corolla T-Sport


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Hi Guys

I have been looking around for Corolla performane brake upgrades.

The straight forward option everyone seem to go for is fitting grooved discs and performance pads. job done.

I have already been down this route with some ferodo DS2500 Pads which I actually liked very much.

However I have now found this website showing a German dude fitting 295mm Brakes from the Avensis on the Cellica:


To my knowledge the Cellica and the T-sport brakes(275mm) are identical apart from the disc hole pattern: Cellica using 5x100 the Corolla using 4x100.

So, redrilling the Avensis discs to 4x100 would make this conversion possible.

Have any one done this? Experiences?

I do a far bit of track day work so I would imagine a possitive effect going from 275mm to 295mm diameter.

On the downside then I can't really find many performance pads for the Avensis?

So, yeah I basically just need to hear if any of you have done this or if any of you can confirm whether or not the calipers will bolt straight on to the Corolla?

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