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1975 Hiace Camper


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Hi all,

I kind of wrote all this in my introduction post as a new member, then the next day I read that questions shouldn't be asked in an intro post. Even with the red coloured font, I still managed to miss the sentence!


I've found a 1975 camper! Should I be as excited as I am?

If I can get past the red tape here in Cyprus, then it's mine.

It's all there too! Needs a bit of TLC but it's really not that bad on the face of it.

It's been sitting in a field since 1994. The engine is not seized which is a good start, but God only knows about the rest of the mechanicals. I'm sure the rubber bits will have deteriorated, so that will mean oil leaks, brake fluid leaks, coolant leaks, and external water leaks.

I've seen on a DVLA database that there are only 40 mk1 Hiace's registered. I wonder how many there are globally. I'm thinking parts availability.

So back to the opening question. Should I be excited? Are these things as valuable as a VW bus? They certainly are more rare, but does rarity equal value in this case?

I reckon with buy price, registration fees and taxes, and restoration costs, I'm going to be in this for around Euro 2,500.

What would I expect the value of a restored mk1 camper to be?

Cyprus is a lovely island to tour, although it can be done in a fortnight. I like going to different beaches and doing the beach thing (windsurfing, snorkelling, bbq, beer, general lazing around), and find to drive somewhere for the day would be so much better if we could stay overnight and make the trip home again the next day. To stay in a hotel is the norm, but where's the fun in that?

So I think this would be ideal, if it is viable. This is where advice and opinions from you guys comes in.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

All the best.






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Great to know about this 1975 Hiace camper. You will really be excited.

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That is SO cool! Hope fix it up and get it on the road. Jealous of Your seats, they look like they are in great condition. I have a 75 Hiace too, low milage, but my seats are worn out...hehe.

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