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Corolla 2000 Abs Light Never Comes On


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OK so I have a Corolla 2000.

Since I owned it, the ABS light has never come on. I just assumed it didn't have ABS, but I just read in the Haynes manual that ABS is standard. (The ABS doesn't work - it's not just the light.)

1) I checked the ABS 50A fuse - looks good.

2) I checked the ABS warning light in the instrument panel - looks good (and just to be sure I swapped for another one). And in any case as I said above, the ABS doesn't actually work anyway.

Now, I can do further diagnostics on my own, but I have not the remotest idea where to find either the ABS ECU, or the Check Connector C2. (Nor the connectors IC1, ID1, IG1 and IH1, for that matter - and can't find that information in the Haynes manual.)

Any clues gratefully received please!

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OK I will leave this here in case it's useful to anyone else, but quite clearly after further investigation that his particular vehicle doesn't have ABS, in spite of ( a ) the Haynes manual saying ABS is standard, ( b ) he ABS fuse being fitted, ( c ) the ABS instrument panel light being fitted (other fuses / lights are omitted if those options aren't present).

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I should not be led by the electrical connectors just yet as most models have the full wiring fitted even if the devices are not installed.

Not sure if the 2000 model is the same at the later ones but if you look in the engine bay by the front of the right hand wing you should see a device about 120mm square with 6 brake pipes attached - thats the ABS unit; not to be confused with the smaller proportional valve attached the the lower bulkhead.

Also look at the 4 wheel hubs, as well as the brake/ flexible pipes you should see a cable for the abs sensor going in near the backplate ( not to be confused with a brake pad wear sensor, though I have not see one of those)

While there will be static ways to test the abs, think if you can find somewhere safe with a bit of gravelly road surface and even at low speed jam and hold the foot brake on hard and you should feel /hear the abs activating on an off as the front wheels skid on the gravel, a very distinct action.

If you cannot see the abs unit or get any abs feeling then you have not got it ? or its defective ? or ..

it was often a trick to disable the ABS, typically removing the bulb, to hide a faulty abs wheel sensor which turned the abs check light on and would fail the mot, however mot inspectors check that the light does comes on with the ignition key and then go out when started up - could somebody have disabled things deliberately ..?


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Thanks for that diagram. An extensive search of the engine compartment and tracing the brake pipes suggests that despite what the Haynes manual says, there is in fact no ABS on this particular model.

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Another thing i have seen was people bodging the ABS and Airbag lights when there were faults present in the dash by running a wire to the said lights from another warning light so it would come on and switch off when the car would be started.

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