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2003 Vx Disaster


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Hi all ,sad to say my daughters 2003 d4d vx has done it big time,got called out to tow her in about a month ago and found timing belt cover split with camshaft pulley poking through,on taking cover off found pulley still attached to sheared end of camshaft ! stripped it all down to find inlet cam snapped,exhaust cam snapped,2 top bearing carriers snapped,camshafts carrier/bearing housing snapped,6 valves bent !!!! BUT cam belt still intact ! only conclusion I can come to is inlet cam seized-exhaust cam still trying to turn it,all locked solid,rotary force sheard bearing housings,engine still trying to turn exhaust cam which is now locked solid so wrung the end of camshaft off

so do I now tell daughter car effectivley a write off ( car worth £2500-2700 estimate for recon engine £1500 ) or see what can be salvaged, 1st step can i get second hand complete head,yes off of eBay,350 mile round trip but figure head plus fuel £200 got to be a bargain, get gasket set and cam belt and sepentine belt from same place ,found and read Anchormans excellent article on cambelt replacement,now got everything off ( sent to Japan for pet trained snake to access most of the bolts )now started putting back together

Questions are please if someone could answer for me ,the attached pdf with Anchormans article on refitting cambelt seems to suggest that the fuel pump should be set up to the timing marks on pully and backplate ( so close to chassis u need a mirror to see them ) sorry but my knowledge of common rail injection is sketchy but I assumed that timing the pump was unnecessary because all it did was supply a constant pressure to the rail (with a overpressure return to tank ) and the ECU fired off the injectors at the correct time ?

also on EM 19 b cant work that one out at all ,

also could someone guide me please in setting up the timing marks on the two camshafts also torque settings for camshaft bearing housings/caps bolts

sorry about long screed but hopefully you stayed with me to the end and that someone can help please ,thanks all Alex


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For around £3.00 you can download the relevant sections of the Toyota official workshop manual.

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