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Ready To Start With Plastidip


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Well, after a busy series of musical engagements, and with the tax return almost done and ready to submit, I finally have the time to start in with the Plastidip spray (flat black) on the gloss black elements of the iQs dash.

I'm going to start with the gloss black "eyebrow" over the speedometer, as it's already out of the car. Once I've succeeded there, I plan on doing the cowling over the navigation unit (including covering up the infamous red strip visible only from outside the car), and the front of the silver air conditioning system control panel.

But, before I start in, I'm looking for advice from those who have used the material in the past.

I understand that the finish produced by Plastidip is easily stripped from the parts should I change my mind. But, what preparatory steps should I take with the parts to be coated? Should I just clean the part, or should I rough it up a bit as well? Is the spray self leveling? Should I put it on in one coat, or gradually build up the finish?

Inquiring minds want to know...

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Not used it myself, but due to the fact that the idea is to spray it on and then remove it easily (when no longer required/desired) by peeling it off. I would say "roughing it up a bit" would be a deffinate no-no. otherwise there would be no point in it being peelable.

Just follow the instruction on the tin ;)

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Well, I can do that well enough. However, I have read discussions about layering the coats versus taking the one coat approach, and so forth. Anyone here with experience in that process?

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