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2002 Avensis - Rear Wiper Motor - Plastic Control Wheel


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Earlier this year, my wiper motor suffered the notorious ‘permanently on intermittent’ syndrome, from which it later recovered, following a spell of dry weather. Unfortunately it has now failed to operate at all, and has required the strip and repair treatment,as kindly detailed by members responding to my previous post.

I have now removed and opened the unit, to find a mess of old grease and a rust-seized drive to the wiper arm shaft, which I have managed to free-off with WD40. I was surprised to note that the shaft itself was completely rust-free, although the 'o-ring' seal at the top end of the shaft was a very loose fit.

Sadly, I have now hit a major problem, in that I am unable to extract the orange plastic control wheel from the unit!

Having read the article on the 'Workshop Forum' i was under the impression that this wheel could be easily lifted from its axle, using a needle-nosed pliers, but in my case it will not budge, even with overnight applications of WD40, and the persuasion of a large pair of pincers!

I am assuming that the axle is a one-piece metal post attached to the wiper body, and that the plastic control wheel should just run freely around the end of it.

Please confirm that I’m not missing a point somewhere.

Any further advice or suggestions would be welcomed.

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not sure what your referring to maybe a picture will help.

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Hi guys

Still sitting here with a partially stripped down wiper unit, awaiting a reply to my problem.

I'm sure that several folk have carried out this reconditioning exercise succesfully in the past.

If you are one of them, please come to my aid.

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I am unsure of how to get the wheel out, I just opened mine..... dried it all up- re-greased and put back on car, I made a note of the part number just in case I needed another motor- got a new rubber, put it back I have had no problems its been over a year.

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Avensis 4d786

Thanks for your comments.

Good News Today!

Connected the electrics, and ran the motor several times (with the unit still stripped down as in the

photo), and the bluddy control wheel jumped up from the worm-drive and began to climb from its axle!

Whole unit now cleaned up, well greased, and replaced on the car.

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