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Which Obd Reader For Mr2 Roadster?

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I'm looking for a handheld code reader that will turn the check engine light off and show me the codes. Which one do I need?
Cheap please :)


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Hello there, you have a plethora of choices out there. You can buy a proper hand held scan tool for anything from £30 to however much your willing to pay. I have a Sealey V888 something that cost £90 when i bought it several years ago but a similar model even from Sealey will cost half that now or less even. It does all you ask for in the line of reading coses and clearing them plus I/M readiness tests and live data. Probably the cheapest way if you have a half decent Android smartphone (can't speak for iPhone or Windows phones but I expect they're just as good) is the bluetooth obd2 adapter and any number of apps that you can download from Google Play Store....I've spent £££ downloading and trying every app that looks half decent and keep threatenibg to do a write up which i will, might start later today after work..... an mini ELM327 bluetooth on ebay go from £5 up to £15-20 perhaps.. I bought mine for £8 something with an on/off switch which I would definitely recommend. Then download Torque Pro for instance that costs a couple of quid from Play Store and it gives you all the capabilities of the dedicated scan tool like the one I bought a few years back plus a number of features on top of that plus data logging.

So if you are after a useable cheap solution and have a smartphone then the bluetooth adapter and app is hard to beat. If you don't have one then you can still buy a half decent scan tool for £20-30 and up aswell.

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