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Valve Stem Seals

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Got some smoke coming from e haust. Goes away after engine warms up, been told that there is a "sealant?" that you can put in with the engine Oil, which I have just changed, that expands the seals and cures the prob . Car is still my 2002 ravD4D. Any help would b appreciated.

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There are two sorts of Oil "sealants". The stop-leak type causes Oil seals to soften and swell - the results are short lived and affects other perfectly OK seals. Essentially for shaft seals and probably wouldn't do much for worn guide seals. The viscosity enhancer types increases the viscosity of the engine Oil so it doesn't flow past piston rings etc as easily. It's really like using the wrong grade Oil and can result in engine damage.

If it's just a cloud of smoke which occurs when the engine is started from cold, appears for a few seconds and doesn't re-appear afterwards - I'd be inclined to do nothing at this stage.

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Hi G! Ive been doin nothing for 6 mth and its not gone away! This was a last time trying to get it "fixed".If you look back on my other posts you'll see I had the turbo prob. andit all happened after getting it refurbished. This is a last ditch attempt to fix it before it gose to a breakers yard.Never had a car with so many problems.really fed up with rav4's.

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