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Hilux 2008 2.5 D4D Blueish Smoke On Start Up


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Im new here and would greatly appriciate some advice.

As you can see ive a 2008 hilux 2.5 d4d.

Im getting blue smoke on start up, first thing in the morning or if its stood for a couple of hours.

When I first got it the engine oil was over filled, i only notices when doing an oil and filter change and also realising the dipstick is not brilliant.
So im making a guess that the injector seals are leaking while shes sitting the oil is leaking into a cylinder then on start up its burnt off showing as the blueish smoke.

Any help/advice would be greatly appriciated.



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Glow plugs or injectors dribbling a bit ?

When did you last change the fuel filter ? try running a can of BG 244 through.

Did it ever have the injector seal recall that affected models around 07 ?

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Hi Dave

I guess the glow plugs could be a seal problem too?

Fuel filter was probably changed 10k ago, it could do with a oil service really.

Im not sure if its had a recall for the injector seals, i guess toyota would know if its been done.
It did have a recall a couple of months ago it was a spring or something.

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No not the glow plug seals just a couple may not be working and hence blue smoke from unburnt diesel.

Yeah the air bag clock spring recall was just recent, it would be worth checking that the seal recall had been done though because it can result in a broken engine if it hasn`t.

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Ah of course, I can check those with a multimeter can't I?

Will give Toyota a call and see if that recall was done.

Thank you


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Blue smoke tends to be oil burning, black smoke is fuel, and white smoke is water. So I'm thinking oil seals, and wondering why it was overfilled - maybe it was hiding something more sinister, or overfilled cos it uses a lot?

To test the glow plugs, assuming you can get the main power feed wire off... Take the wire off, take a jump lead from poz Battery and tap it off where the power feed wire goes onto the heater plug. If you get a big fat juicy spark the plug's fine, if it's weak or non existent it's faulty. If you can't get into the top of the glow plug then use a long screwdriver or similar to extend the connector up to somewhere you can get access to, and spark the jump lead off the screwdriver.

Don't do this if you're not confident tho, obviously there are things which can ignite under the bonnet.

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Dave, The seal recall was done 20/11/08.
I dont think toyota would be up for doing them again FOC

Hi Alan
Thank you for your suggestions.
I think in my origional post I established its oil buring, and the over filling was due to a rubbish dipstick set up, i know its burning oil as i can see it as smoke on start up.
There was nothing when I bought it, I was told the by the seller the oil service had just been done at a local garage.
So I didnt change the oil and filter for 10k I suspect this is when the damage was done to the seals as the pressure in the engine would have been high.

Checking the glowplugs can be done in a safer way using an altimeter, positive to Battery and touch the neg on the glowplug reading should be the same as the Battery. (thats the way I was shown years ago)

Im going to check the plugs if they are fine investigate the injector seals.

Regards guys :)


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