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Corolla 2000 1.4 Vvt - I


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Rattling noise from engine

Near drive belt area can anyone help ive only just bought this car and i need it to last.

Any help and advice would be appreciated :)

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Not going to be easy to say what the cause is remotely as there are so many moving parts around the aux belt.

Has the noise just started, suddenly or slowly building or was it there when you got the car.

Theres the air con unit if fitted, alternator, water pump ( not sure on your 2000 model but there could be a power steering pump) and also is your cam 'belt' a chain like the on later models.

All these including the engines valve clearances and the various idler pulleys can cause a rattling.

Identifying the souce can be easy or difficult depending on what making the noise.

However be mega careful, poking around that area with the engine can be life threatening.

Do you have a trusted local garage /mechanic or possibly might be worth a diagnosis from your Toyota dealer.

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Hi thanks for your reply i have got a local mechanic that can have a look i wouldn't risk touching it tbh thanks for you help really appreciate it :)

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Hi there is a known rattle in this model. I only know this as I bought one and it had a inlet manifold replacement and looked into why.

Vibration from engine compartment may be the plastic double skins of the inlet manifold sparating and rubbing against itself. Tends to happen after 6 - 7 years. Costs £300 to replace.

this is from honest john.

or there is this;

can be fixed by two screws.

This may not be your problem but worth a look/read.

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Let us know what the faulty item is when you have got it fixed.

Will take a bet on the idler pulley on the aux belt - just a guess ...

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Im not sure just want to make sure nothing goes wrong with it because my last car was a Peugeot and it was a knightmare lol

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