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Right last night lashing down with rain I'm in my seat (driver obs) hubby went to get in door still locked NOT HAPPY lol ssshhhhhh. So how do I get both doors to,unlock at the same time??? I've tried leaving my door open and holing in the key but nothing happened so to,save him getting even more with my little beauty HELP cause all I heard was F**king 20grand car and I can't even get in the f**king thing ahahahaha

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There are two ways you can set get your passenger door to unlock along with the drivers, at the moment your car is programmed not to unlock the passenger door when using the keyless entry your dealer can reprogramme the car to unlock both doors or you can press unlock twice on the key

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You don't need to go to Toyota. I think it's shut the doors and hold open button on fob for 5 secs to set both doors to unlock. gt86 owners club forum will definitely know.

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To set the passenger door to unlock at the same time as you unlocking the driver side door do the following:

Use the drivers door handle to open the door

Leave the door open and hold the lock and unlock buttons on the fob for 5 seconds

You'll hear a couple of beeps

Voila - your drives handle now opens both doors.

This can be repeated to reverse if wanted!

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