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Refurbished Amplifiers


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I found some amazingly low prices on 2002 ps/x model kenwood amplifiers. The ones with msrp of 400-600$ are 180-290$, which is a hell of a price. Unfortunately, these amplifiers are all kenwood factory refurbished with only 90 days of manufacturer's warranty. Although, since i don't live in america, warranty doesnt mean much to me anyways, i would like to know how much will these amps dish out before breaking down (again??). I already have a kenwood amp in my trunk (7021 - bought it brand new) but you can never have enough of these in a car :)

Anybody have experience with refurbished amps of the internet? I know there's no such thing as a free lunch, but who knows... are these deals worth a shot?

Thanx for the help.

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Refurbished are normally stuff for example a person bought it in the shops, but the box didnt include all the accessories etc. Or when the product was defective, kenwood repaired it and it is fully functional now... If it has 90 days warranty go for it! I bought a couple of refurbished stuff in december, and they have been running no probs to this day.

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