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Another Registration Plate Question


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Just ordered myself a plate from DVLA, and im gonna get me self a square plate.

Finally got www.malplates.co.uk working, so could the people with square plates please help me. I dont know what size to get

Legal car number plate, square rears (11" x 8")

Standard sized front and square rear - £15.00 per pair


Legal Japanese / American import size

Sold either singly or as a pair - £15.00 per pair

(These plates use motorcycle size letters. Sizes available - 12" x 6", 12.5" x 6", 13" x 6", 13" x 6.5", 13" x 7")

If you go to the site, thats probably best.

Also, would front and back square plate suit the Year 2000 Yaris. Would it not look silly on the back where there is a specific place for a standard sized plate

Cheers all!

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12 x 6

thats the very one on my YTS. looks good. dont go for anything bigger as the 12 x6 is slightly big in my opinion anyway.

Its also road legal so might aswell go as small as you can!

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Heres another numberplate question.......

does anyone know how to get the original plates back onto your car when you buy a new one???

are the old plates still registered to that car??

is it just a matter of tranfering your personalised one to your new motor, and by default the original plates are registered????

anyone done it??? :huh:

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