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59Reg 2.2D4D Xtr - Tyre Tread

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I Just bought 59 Reg RAV4 2.2d4d, it came with full service history and has ~70K on the clock.

As per service history - Tyres were changed at around 58000 miles and then servicing was done at 60000 miles. As per service visual inspection - at 60000 all tyres had tread of 8mm

Now I got the servicing done at 70K and as per visual inspection all tyres still has tread of 8mm but the front driver side tyre has tread of 6mm

I have tried to measure the tread myself using penny and can confirm that front driver side tyre is slightly more worn out then rest of the tyres.

Any idea why that be ? Car does seem to go straight if I leave the stearing wheel..!

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If the tyre is wearing evenly across the tread, then this is general wear rather than alignment / geometry issues. It's usually the nearside that wears out first on the majority of cars and excessive wear on the front nearside tyre is an issue in Formula 1! I wouldn't be too concerned and I'd have to question 8mm tread still remaining on a front tyre after 10K miles use - if only! It all sounds more like measurment error than unusual wear. Buy yourself a £5 depth gauge and keep an eye on tyre wear. Similarly keep an eye on tyre pressures - a key factor in minimising tyre wear.

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Cheers gjnorthall, I had the same doubt as why other tyres still has 8mm tread even after 10K miles..!

Yes, wearing is evenly across the tread. will probaly take it back to garage to get the tread measured again.

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