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59Reg 2.2D4D Xtr - Hard Wiring Usb

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I am going to install Dashmount on my RAV4 and at the same time looking to hardwire USB port with USB cable as well and draw the cable in from the back of trim to keep it neat. However no idea how to connect the USB port.

Below is what I have ordered.


Can some one please guide.

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Not sure what you mean by dashmount? Is this a holder for a device to be powered by the USB such as a Dashcam or GPS? Assuming yes to both questions then the next decision is whether it not you want the power outputs to permanently live or to be switched off with the ignition. I installed a Dashcam in my 63 reg Rav. A very simple job. First, find the fuse box which in my car is in the passenger footwell on the bulkhead. Identify a suitable fuse from which to tap the power supply. I made sure I took the feed from a non-safety critical fuse just in case of a problem. My power feed switches off with the ignition. The power is derived from a piggy back fuse holder, easily found on eBay. Make sure you get the right size as there are two, regular and mini. There is also micro but they don't make piggy back holders for them as far as I know. Essentially the holder supports the fuse already in place with a second slot for the power supply to your accessory. Obtain a fuse of the correct amperage for the accessory slot. The red wire from the holder is your power feed and is attached to the USB feed in lead with a chocolate block connector. The black wire from your USB device should go to earth by attaching it to a suitable metal part of the cars structure, typically under a suitable nut. The fuse box cover now does not fit so I fashioned one with a suitable cut out slot for the piggy back holder from the lid of an ice cream tub, held in place with elastic bands.

If this aligns with what you want to do then the red and black wires on the device you have bought look as if they might be too short to me. You can either extend them using chocolate block connectors and lengths of suitable wire, something of a bodge but it would be ok. In my case I bought a hard wire kit for a mini 801, my model of Dashcam, if you look on eBay you will see the wires are much longer and in my case could be routed through the trim to the rear view mirror area where the Dashcam is mounted without problem.

Hope this helps, Velocette

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Hi Velocette,

Yes, Dashmount is fixed holder where you can fix GPS, Phone's etc.

Thanks for your reply , that what i was looking for, how to draw a 12v switched power supply, With regards to wires, I guess I will just have to extend them..!

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Ah OK, thanks for explaining. I forgot to say the handbook will give you a good idea of which fuses are alive or otherwise and you can test easily with a bulb or meter. Good luck!

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