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Re- 1997 Rav 4 Security System Tvss Iiib


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Me again! Not sure if anyone has seen my previous post, but I spoke to the Toyota parts guy again today. He think that because my Rav 4 is so 'Old' it's unlikely that I'll get a remote for it?

If anyone knows other wise, I would appreciate their assistance!

Thanks :D :D

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Some of the older TVSS systems were actually made by a company called Scorpion, who no longer exist. That could add to your problem.

Try sending Parts King a personal message detailing your car (registration number, etc), stating what TVSS system you have, and see whether Toyota still stock fobs. For Parts King go to the Community page, scroll down to Sponsor's Corner, and Lindop Toyota.

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Hi Guy's,

Sorry for not responding sooner! I've been talking to a guy at Lindop Toyota, he says he has got a remote for me that has the same part No: I found in another post (can't remember which one), 08191-008800.

I've also spoken to some auto key people, but they weren't much help. Then I decided to see if I could find the TVSS unit on my car, well I found one near the bulkhead under the bonnet, it maybe just the 'siren' housing instead of the whole unit, but it had the following number on it 08192-42850.

I've asked the Toyota guy to go back to his supplier to see if he can check this number against the remote he has sent him!

If you guy's can shed any more light on this I would appreciate it...It's going to cost me £73.25 if I buy it from Lindop!

I did look on eBay but could find anything similar!

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