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Tdi-Tuning Box For Auris Sr180

Uncle Buck

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Selling this tuning box for the 2.2 lump as it's nearly time to trade in for a newer car, so no longer needed. It cost me £280 new & has been used to smooth out the lower end - it'll pull well from just 1500 rpm and continues to make overtaking even easier. I got just 2 MPG more on average compared to standard, but every little counts with a bigger engine. It also depends on the settings used and your driving of course !

It's very easy to fit and only requires minutes to remove again. A few tie-wraps (included) keep the wiring from moving around - the dealer didn't even notice it was fitted ! I actually found that the engine ran cleaner on the setting I used, with much fewer regeneration cycles.

I wouldn't try it on a high setting as it will cause the limp-home mode to engage. This is a common problem when you go outwith the engine's 'normal' tolerances. I kept it on level 13 - less than half the highest setting, giving a small improvement in MPG but more effortless overtaking ability. You could have it set lower and potentially get better MPG of course .......

Asking £150 please and it's in good condition as I wrapped it in foil to prevent any potential electrical interference and then a small plastic docket to keep it dry in the engine bay. Neither is recommended as necessary, but just good 'house-keeping' you might say :)

Any questions or decent offers, feel free to ask.

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