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2.0 D4D Rattle At 1500 Revs

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Hi, any ideas what could it be? I suggest it's got something to do with do aux belt. It can only be heard at about 1500 revs when you drive, as the engine has to be under some tension. It's a 2013 2.0 D4D, 28000 miles on the clock. I have reported it to Toyota, they replaced the top engine mounting as that is what they thought it is, but it was the rattle was still there so today they will replace the belt itself.

Hope it helps, but if not I would like to have some opinions on what could it be.

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I have had similar noise between 1,500 rpm and 2,000 rpm when accelerating under load. It is also 2013 model. Had it for some time but has got worse as it approached 20k miles

Did you find out what was causing the noise on yours please?


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Thanks to Devon Aygo.

I believe you are experiencing this:

Technical Service Bulletin


1AD-FTV V-Belt abnormal noise
Model codes:
ADE150; ADE157; ADE186; ADT250; ADT251; ADT270;
ADT271; ADE150; AUR20; AUR21
This Technical Service Bulletin is to inform you of a revision to the BELT, V-RIBBED.
Some customers may experience and report squeaking/rattling noise from BELT, V-RIBBED around
1500~2000rpm, due to slipping of the belt on the pulleys.
The design of the BELT, V-RIBBED has been changed to avoid slipping.
Go to your local dealer refer them to this bulletin and get the modified belt fitted, I have had plenty of people reporting this issue only on 2012/2013 2.0d4d models and all of them have been cured with this modified belt.
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Thanks very much for taking the time to reply - very helpful - sounds like that could be it, and wear in the belt will account for it apparently getting worse over the last few thousand miles.

Thanks again!

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When I reported it to Toyota they told me that is how the engine is running. I did not accept that answer so they told me that I can take a different Avensis with the same engine and see how it is going. I obviously took the chance and took it for a drive. It was nice and quiet. After that I spoke with one of the engineers that it is a lot quieter than mine and I still tried to convince them that it is the belt as I thought before. They just carried on that it is normal but when I have mentioned that one morning when I started the engine I heard like the belt is slipping, they said that they will replace it because it came from Toyota HQ that if anybody reports a slipping or squeaking belt they will replace it free of charge as now they Toyota uses a different kind of v-belts. So from the time the belt was replaced it is quiet.

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