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'rolla T Sport Niggles

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I bought an 04 t sport not long ago. It's also my first Toyota. Do T sports have a silly high biting point in general or is this something I should be looking into.

Driving slowly (bad traffic or over speed bumps for example) is impossible without revving to around 3k rpm. With reversing not being too much different.

There is also a slight judder when pulling off and when releasing the clutch after a gear change.

Am I right in thinking the clutch has seen better days? Or could it be something simpler.

Thanks in advance for any comments/ suggestions.

P.s. I've been driving for a no. of years so I don't think it's My inability to drive a car property haha

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More than likely would be the clutch wearing at a guess and from experience, You could actually try and adjust the clutch free play from underneath the clutch pedal, There are guides on how to do this, I would try this first and keep it within manufacturers tolerance. If this does not help then i would say its possible clutch may be due.

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