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Mr2 91 Na High Idle & Loss Of Power

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Hello ..I've just bought a white 1991,t bar off e bay unseen last week.. £450 ....drove it home from Swindon to essex ....noticed a few faults so I'm after a few answers..1. At 70 mph quite a bit of vibration through the steering wheel....goes away at 80 mph...I've had both front wheels balanced & tyres have 5 mm tread matching budgets in 215/40 /17 w dl..2. When starting from cold it takes a few turns to fire up..resulting in a high tick over at 2000 rpm....& takes ages to come off then sits at 1300 rpm...most of my driving is in town & short trips max 2 miles..3 seems like it has a intermittent power Loss issue..its kangarooing on part throttle & when it's ticking over it seems like it has a small miss fire...4. Temp gauge takes ages to come off cold & when warm only sits at 1/4 up the gauge...this may be down to a leaking waterpump which is getting done today along with the cambelt it's done 144,000 miles with no history .. 5. Low Amber Oil warning light stays on ..but it's full..switch/ sensor???..I've already spent £550 at gsf on the following...1 all service items 2 rear brake caliper...3 both front shock absorber inserts..3. Cambelt & waterpump 4 rear pads...5 rocker cover & sump gaskets...2 x new rear 235/40 17 tyres at.. £160 etc ...obviously was a bit of a dog..14 owners ...etc..I've still to do the rear exhaust ..ive ordered a used one off e bay ..bottom heat shields need a few bolts ..they were cable tied on...lol...so all in all..a bit of a money pit..I only bought it as my brother in law runs one...I haven't replaced the dizzy cap yet as they are £50 ish & after I pay for the cambelt I'm skint..so I got caught...but it's a keeper...so all in it stands me in at £1200 ..so if there's any members in essex that can pop up I'd apperiacite it..or any help / answers given...here ..cheers jim

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