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Avensis Remap Or Tuning Box For Mpg Economy


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Hi all,

I've been thinking about changing my car for either a d4d yaris, Auris or avensis. I love the avensis' comfort levels on the motorway. I am thinking about the 2.0L D4D (probably a 2007-2010 model) and see it gives 50mpg or so.

My question is whether anyone has tried tramps or tuning boxes for economy purposes and what so of mpg you got after. I do 60 miles of A roads, 40 miles of motorway and 10 miles of 30/40MPH per day on my daily commute. I therefore do 110x5 = 550miles per week for commuting.

All opinions welcome.

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First off familiarise yourself with the potential head gasket issue that can affect these cars. Supposed to be fixed on cars produced post February 2009.

If looking at a 2010 be aware that in June 2010 Toyota intoduced a 5 year/100k miles warranty as opposed to the previous 3 year /60k.

Also, in the facelift Avensis (late 2011) they made quite a few changes to the 2.0D with a claimed significant improvement in mpg.

As far as we know so far it is not possible to directly remap the Denso ECU in these cars (although there is a possibility that one company is claiming that they may have found a way). You can get tuning boxes for them though.

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what company is claiming proper access to denso ecu for remapping headfirst?

id like to have a look

ive had proper remaps on turbo diesel and turbo petrol cars with great safe results.

tuning boxes that distort fuel rail pressure signal are a bit crude and have had overheating issues in the past


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1 of the Auris guys says that a company near him *think* that they may have managed it - he was going to investigate further.

You can always get a tuning box from Lindop - although not cheap they do seem to be reliable.

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I've done a bit of investigation for remapping solutions for Avensis and came up with the following:

https://maxchip.de/en/ This company although German in origin has a subsidiary in UK, and claims to be able to actually remap all 2.0 and 2.2 diesels including T180. Note that the remapping is distinctly different from the tuning boxes they offer.

http://www.flashremapping.co.uk/vehiclelist/toyota-tuning/ This company claims similar and I suspect is based on the same technology as the former.

I may give them a call as I'm specifically interested in EGR/DPF deletion possibilities, which are not possible with a tuning box. If so I'll post the results.

Does anyone have any experience of either of these companies either good or bad?



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bear in mind that in the UK DPF deletion is an instant MOT failure if discovered (& I'm guessing that the emissions test will probably show a higher level of particulates as a hint).

will be interesting to see if they can actually crack the Denso ECU now though so please report back what they say.

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Had a look at 'Maxchip' for the 2.2 T180 D-CAT the basic 'box' claims over 50BHP increase!!!! and up to 67+!!! sorry, just don't believe it. The 'Flash remapping' looks interesting tho' at 25BHP increase (that's a bit more realistic) will be interested to see how this develops.

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In my experience there are companies who can "crack" Denso ECU's but when pressed, cannot actually do it

Claims of 56-60 BHP are a crock of dog ploppings :eek:

Our kit produces plus 70 NM of torque (the important bit for a diesel) and 35 BHP

Anyone who makes claims that are unbelievable are quite frankly trying it on, buy a kit from someone who will be in business in the future, not from an internet company / auction site that buy their kits from China and who will be gone next month

Kingo :thumbsup:

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