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190 Gen7 P1693 - Ocv Closed Malfuntion Code


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Can anyone help with this diagnosis, the car drives fine apart from the fact there's no lift what so ever and instead of an extra 50 bhp I'm getting the eml, what would be the worst case scenario?

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Try cleaning the oil control valve first,

I believe there is 2, I think they are in the following locations - one on the right by the Battery and one on the front left of the engine, not 100% sure, only one controls lift, and one is a pain to get to.

Wors case scenario you'll need to replace them if cleaning doesn't work

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Hi Auldy,

Yep, clean your OCV's and their filter/strainers first- I'm just after having this issue on my 140, and after cleaning the strainer on my VVT OCV the issue is gone.

You have 2 OCV's on your 190, one for VVT and the other controls your lift. The VVT OCV is on the left side of the engine, the Lift OCV is on the right hand side of the engine beside the battery- with the problems you describe, I'd say cleaning that should be your first port of call!

There's a thread on here with step by step instructions!


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Thanks stark iv cleaned the ocv valves but still nothing, I'm getting a clicking sound at 6200 revs instead of 50bhp, it could b a new valve or both

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