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Doing Dirty Things To An Mr2


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I currently own a blacktop Levin; however because it's a pig to get parts for I'm thinking of getting an MR2 mk1 or mk2. I like the baby Ferrari look of the Mk2 especially.

First, I'm 5' 11" and long in body, so will I fit in the coupe?

Second, what can be done to wring more powah out of a NA MR2? Cams? Exhaust manifold, the usual stuff I guess, are parts easily obtainable? Specialist parts suppliers?

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Simple answer: FInd the best MK1 MR2 you can, and put that blacktop Levin into it (if you mean the 20V revvy one?).

At 5'11 you will be no problem. THe Mk2 is pretty spacious, the MK1 is also fine. I'm 5'11 and had both T-bar and Sunroof MK1's and whilst they're certianly 80's and compact, they're fine for taller people.

The MK1's are actually realtively highly tuned anyway, there's not a great deal you can doto get a lot more power without spending way more than the car is worth, which is why I suggested the Levin swap option.

The problem with MK1's now is finind a good one. I maanged it once, I wouldn't like to try again. They rust like the titanic and most are now abused, used, or just plain trashed and too old. You'd have to spend good money to get a decent Shell.

MK2's are ten a penny. NO idea on tuning them. If you want big power your best bet is a MK2 Turbo, they come with robust engines and a wealth of tuning options.

The moment you try and get more power out of an NA MR2, you will be spending more than the car is worth and will get limited gains. Engine swaps are popular - things like the Camry V6's fit and give great torque and a nice V6 sound track.

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