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Auris '56 2007 Exhaust Help...


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Auris 56 plate (Jan 2007 registered) - it seems that the middle section of my exhaust which looks to contain a silencer box has corroded and sheared near the end of the silencer box.

How much (ballpark) am I looking at for a replacement centre/middle section?

Any recommendations where to purchase?

I've read a few posts from some saying they've replaced with a straight pipe rather than replacing the silencer box - has anyone done this? / does it sound OK? / any recommendations where to buy a straight through pipe from? (I'm G71 postcode area)

thanks in advance for help.

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Hi , my mid section has gone. Mechanic says its section after the cat, but he advise Toyota wont sell mid section itself and have to buy front ( with cat)  =£600 . EYE  POPPING. Did you get your done for £70 ish ?

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I got a full custom exhaust for £350.

Our cars have a manicat so doubt that has gone it will be the big chunky mid box which I would just straight pipe at your local Mr tyre, friend of mine had it done, sounds fine, paid £70.

Go fully custom ;)

2015-08-29 18.48.59.jpg

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