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Steering Whirring/clicking Noise


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I've just noticed recently (possibly with the warmer weather and I've got the windows open!) that there is a sort of whirring/rapid clicking noise coming from my 2008 petrol Rav - it only seems to be when the car has been sitting for a while, and only when turning the steering when parked

If I actually move around in circle the noise doesn't happen, so I guess that puts out cv joints? Its not a particularly loud noise which is probably why I've just noticed it when driving out of parking space with the windows open. Once I've driven a few miles I can't seem to replicate it!

I've read that theres a lot of issues with the steering racks/boxes on Ravs of this age but it seems to be more clunks and knocking whereas mine is more of a fast clicking/whirring.

Its just been serviced and nothing was brought up by the garage who gave it a good once over.

Anyone else noticed this kind of noise on their rav?

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