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1980 Toyota Hiace Side Front Left Side Light

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Thanks SuperSunbeam

Do you have any idea what my model was called? Is it a sunbeam as well or maybe a sunchaser? I dont have a clue...

I have an old JDM RH20 Hiace brochure but it only shows the vans and not the campervan variants.

Does yours have two sliding doors?

Not sure If can still obtain parts from Toyota dealerships, I do have a parts book so was going to try and seek a good spare parts contact and email through a few spare part numbers and see how I go, fingers X!

There is a glass company I was speaking to yesterday who has most of the glass replacements here in AU, either new or second hand including rubbers which is good to know!

I have been scanning eBay and yahoo japan (Japanese auction site similar to eBay) for various parts but have not come across too much...

Seems to be a bit of parts in Thailand and other asian countries, mostly just badges, light surrounds and lenses though

I would love the front Toyota emblem Badge that goes in the centre of the front, mine was Badge less when I first got it, from the blue donor van, I managed to get the front right top Toyota Badge, and the Hiace badges for the passenger and drivers door but yeh still need/want the front Toyota emblem Badge

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On 30/08/2016 at 10:18 AM, SuperSunbeam said:

Im looking to replace my exhaust. Tried the local tyres and exhaust centre but they can't get one. Anyone know a good place to try other than eBay?

There are a couple of exhaust manifactures around manchester 1 bolton  an 1 in rochdale that i know of but im sure there are many more around the country

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Hi all

New member and a bit late to the party but I also have an old hiace camper and it is great to see a few other like minded people!!!

like most, struggling to find parts - any help in sourcing would be awesome!!

side window rubbers - found this one http://www.sealsdirect.co.uk/shopping.asp?intDepartmentId=4#30 - FWR3277, not quite the right size but could be modified maybe - but if anybody knows of where to buy the exact size that would be super useful

Brake master cylinder or seals kit - can't find one anywhere and have no brakes - if i can;t get this sorted our trip to France in june is starting to look a bit dicy! :-)





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Hi Everybody


I'm from Zurich, Switzerland and an owner of a Hiace RH 32 Campervan. Pop-Top Roof, Fridge, 2 Burners, Washing Sink, everything there.

Good to meet other owners, as it's hard to find other on the Internet.

So far, my Hiace runs great!

But i'm struggling to find Parts. I was looking for rear Wipers, but found one in Japan.

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Hello guys,

I got myself a beautiful 1982 hiace recently that I will rebuild to a camper van. Unfortunately there wasn't an owners manual included (if anyone has one please contact me) and I have some questions about what button does what :).

There is a switch I can flick to the right of the steering wheel. I added a picture. Does anyone know what this does?

There is also a blue and green switch underneath where the radio used to be. Anyone have an idea?

I would like to install a new radio but I have no idea what wires I should be looking for. I tried to take a picture of all the loose wires I could find.

Kind regards and thanks!






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Yeah, great van. Was actually thinking of getting one as well, I can see it being great for some trips that I'm about to make!

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On 1/20/2016 at 8:12 PM, SuperSunbeam said:

Andrew, David, we should keep in touch on this thread as I haven't found any other forums where there's much interest in our old shape of Hiace :cheers:

Andrew is that a Roof Rack at the back of your pop top? Loving the new colour. :thumbsup:

David i think most of the carbs on eBay are for the 1.6 12r engine? Mine is the 2.0 18r. Difficult to find a carb for it


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Hi great to read this thread and hear about some similar experiences with your beloved Hiace vans. I have a 1980 Camper that I imported from New Zealand called Dorris. Mechanically she has been sound. Have had to get the odd part over the past 5 years but generally if I can’t find a part my last resort is MegaZip. It’s quite expensive but usually you can get a result.

Although, I’m struggling to find side window rubber seals for the sliding windows. I need these before I can do the full respray...and tge rust is getting steadily worse! Any ideas on sourcing these would be greatly appreciated? I’ve looked on eBay and no joy. I would consider commissioning somone to source these so get in touch if it’s of interest or if you’ve any suggestions? 790DA1A2-F469-4624-8F19-334C85275607.thumb.jpeg.1dcf4a8af2a1bb23fbb58a40b14b6084.jpeg5AC166ED-D9E9-4839-BD68-575646B7B94B.thumb.png.059d083e1eccf5af2fa47d04f5ddca45.png9C319F87-59B0-44A4-9E09-65331145BE36.thumb.jpeg.152b063ce03aa9f68b831fd92be8b103.jpeg

Thanks, Karlito  

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I'm in the process of trying to get a 1980's 1600 petrol Hiace engine back to life. I want to try new HT leads next. Does anyone here know wht type of HT leads will work best for this

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