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Corolla Alloys On A Yaris Mk1


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Does anyone know if corolla alloys will fit on a mk1 yaris t-sport without any spacing or offset or other issues?

These are the alloys in question, a 15" rim, same as the yaris standard t-sport


I think these corolla alloys came with 195 60 15 as standard, so to keep them in line with the yaris t sport (185/55/15) I presume it's best to fit 195/55/15 to these corolla tyres or would that be a problem?

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offset is different (45 v 39) see wheelfitment.eu but that's probably manageable & assuming the same rim width.

You would just fit the same tyre (185/55 r15) as you already have.

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Thanks thats a useful site. What I don't understand is it how it lists several wheel/tyre options for the car. So my Yaris says 185/55/15 or 195/50/15 however if I were to fit either of these on my 15" t-sport wheel, the rolling radius would be different so wouldn't it knock the speedo out?

I always thought the list of options equated to the same e.g. 155/80/13, 175/65/14 were exactly the same rolling radius, but obviously if there are multiple options for a 15" rim they can't all add up to the same???

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the difference between 195/50r15 & 185/55 r15 is 1.5% - your speedo will be out more than that (typically ~7%) from the get go. Also, over a car's production life the manufacturer may vary the oem tyre size & the speedo calibration may have been adjusted to suit at the factory.

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