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Howling New Turbo


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Hi all.

Haven't been on here for ages I'm afraid.

My 2002 d4d Pride and joy Rav4 has a problem.

Its just clocked 146'000 miles.

Its dent free , lovely interior and gets loads of compliments.

Its got full Toyota service history and maintenance.

Back at 119'000 miles ( April /may 2013) had Toyota supply and fit a Genuine Toyota Turbo.

That new turbo is now howling quite badly

It performs ok ,no smoke....it just howls.

Ive also mentioned this on another forum, hopefully getting help there from a member to whom i have the upmost respect.

Just though id mention it on here too.

Lancaster Colchester Toyota did the work in 2013 ,but will not admit its faulty.

It cost £1500...so a quality job was done...i hope.

They along with Toyota GB customer Relations will not back down from their 1 yr only guarantee.

I'm trying to find a Turbo specialist somewhere in north Essex who can test the turbo and actually find

what is causing the howling.

Then get a professional statement to that effect.

Only i think spending that sort of money on a Toyota product should last longer than this before developing any kind of fault.

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Hi Redlew , don't know.

I never assume things ,but paying Toyota for the best possible job ......if i needed it , i would hope so.

Difficult to ask them , 2 1/2 years on :-(

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Sorry to say 2 1/2 years on the turbo could have another problem or another engine issue and with that sort of major expenditure, any money would be better spent on a newer vehicle and if you vehicle is still performing well you may get a good part exchange value :)

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The original turbo started blue smoking and rattling like mad.

So Toyota replaced it with a genuine one.

I hoped they would do a top notch job for what i paid.

I'm visiting Jrm motorsport in Colchester tomorrow, they are jap performance specialist.

Hoping for guidance there... .possibly even a report or statement as whats happened with it.

My Rav4 bodywork is unmarked, the interior like new and it drives lovely.

So its a trade in dream.

So..I'm hoping to either fix turbo or take it further with the statement to Toyota.

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