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Where's The Jack?


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Hi, may be a dumb question but I've found the locking nuts box in one of the cubbyholes in the boot, but can't locate the jack and wheel wrench, where is this normally kept? Only place I believe I haven't checked so far is under the spare wheel on the back door.

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Thanks Colin, it is there but I only had a quick look earlier, haven't tried taking it out yet. I've never known any car to have it under the driver seat before, how strange!

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Hi Gavin,

Push the seat right back.

jack is held in place by the raising action.

turn the threaded actuator by hand to lower the jack as it were.

this will release the jack.

regards colin

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Found the handle and the tyre socket bar in the other cubby hole in the boot on the right hand side. Have yet needed to use them but at least I know where they are now lol

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