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Toyota Safety Sense

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I think Mike is right. They are just aids but the problem is does anyone want to get into a fight with their insurance over it in the event of an incident? The other thing is even if autoglass are trained and have the equipment to recalibrate them I am confident they would just be restoring it. To the original factory settings not the ammended ones. They wouldn't have aclue how to deal with the dfaulty sustem and they should not really be expected. Is it really fair that a customer should be paying to have modificatins mamaded because the system is faulty as it was purchased? What ofmthis happejs again? Why should I be paying more that any other normal person would? 

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All the insurer will be bothered about will be whether the vehicle is legally roadworthy - ie vehicle, tyres, lights, brakng system, etc in good operating condition.

On our Hyundai we have systems such as lane departure warning and traction control, etc, which may be turned off by the driver should they wish. Whether the driver chooses to have them on or off, doesn't change the fact the car is legally roadworthy.

The insurer is legally obliged to put your car back to the condition it was in before the claim, and this includes the TSS. If Autoglass lose the amended settings, it is the insurer's responsibility to ensure these settings are restored as part of the repair or repair warranty, and this should be at no additional cost to the insured. Whether that is using a Toyota dealer to restore the amended settings is down to the insurer to sort and fund.

At the end of the day, if problems do occur with the insurer's repair, they should have their own complaints system to use. If that doesn't resolve the issue, one can complain via a trade association if they're a member of such (eg ABI), or the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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Hello everyone, some less-than-welcome news.

Twice in the last fortnight I have experienced a repeat the TSS issue (warning light coming on, systems disabled).  Both times it was in full sun (sun behind me) about 5 degrees Centigrade and on the M5 Northbound at roughly the same spot just North of junction 21 - and 30 minutes into the journey.

Both times it had been raining earlier in the journey (about 10 minutes prior to the incident).  Both times I turned the screen demist on full (with aircon).  Climate with aircon was on prior to the incident.

After about 2 minutes the warning light went out.

I don't use my car that much nowadays (4k miles in 12 months) because I don't have a need to and so I have no idea if this would be a more regular ocurrance.

I've had a chat with the Service Manager at my local dealership and he says there have been no other recent reports so we agreed I'd monitor the situation and if there are any further incidents I'll book it in for a check-up.




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