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Hi James.

I have the same car as you and i fitted genuine Toyota front to rear bars but BRIO ones 120cm fit side to side, bought from either Lidi's or Aldi's part no. 103378 and are often on offer fit well to the Toyota bars.


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I've got a pair of Toyota OEM bars that I bought for our LC 120 in 2008. They also fit the LC 150, RAV 4.2 and 4.3 as I've used the on all those models.

OEM stuff isn't as cheap as Lidl's but the quality is exceptional (they're supplied by Mont Blanc). Ours still look like new despite constant use and the fitting mechanisms work perfectly.

I've found, with Toyota stuff especially, that you definitely get what you pay for. :D

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Hi, ignore all the stuff about chips but if you phone Jonh Devlin, also known as Kingo, oh and he lives on pies, standing joke, he can advise you bout the front to rear bars.



...and the OEM cross bars, as well. :)

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been on the site and found this:

Roof Racks

Kitting your car out this holiday season just got easier. All our
roof racks are easy to install, fully lockable and compatible with a
wider range of attachments so you can customise your vehicle to suit
your activities.

All roof racks now* £149 (* On all current models excluding Aygo, GT86, Rav4, Land Cruiser V8, PROACE and Dyna)

think I'll contact them

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good retailer, good rails and bars, look very neat too. 2 years on no rust and any other issues.



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Looking for a set of Roor rails myself....

Anyone know if the Roof Rails from a Mk 2 Rav4 will fit a Mk 3 ?

The dimensions for the fixings on my 2010 Mk 3 are 124cm between mounting bolt holes ....or 48 and 13/16 inches in old money


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