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My 2012 Camry Hybrid

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Hi, my name is Geoff and my log in is Hybrid-Camryman.

I have owned a lot of Toyota cars,3 Corollas -1 Avensis,- 2 Starlets - ! Prius and 5 Camrys, my latest is a Hybrid Camry I imported from Japan last year.

I have been in the motor trade most of my life,latterly (before I retired) I owned a garage workshop and petrol station, through my contacts in the trade I knew of a garage in Derby ( Bullivants ) who specialize in Japanese imports, so I went along,and told them what I wanted to do, we looked on a website and found 4 possibilities, Andy (the boss ) got in touch with his agent in Japan, he checks the cars to see if they meet his standards and if all is OK he bids on them. It took two sessions of choosing and bidding before I received notice I had been successful. The car arrived in Derby on the23rd April 2015, it had to have a rear high intensity fog light fitted, headlight bulbs replaced (Gas bulbs fitted,needs to have headlight washers to meet UK regulations ) Immobilizer fitted (No certification for existing factory fitted unit ) It seems the ministry wont believe anything unless it has paperwork,no matter that it can be physically proved and the speedometer changed from kph to mph ( just an addition to the speedo circuitry-the head is still the same ) and an MOT. it was booked for an IVA test on the 29th may, everything went OK until it came to check the speedo calibration, because the car has a form of automatic traction control it was not possible to test it at the ministry premises, I had to take it to a specialist test station who had a driven rolling road and thankfully the reading came within tolerance.Even though the tester( who was fantastic ) tried his best to register the car as a Hybrid for road tax purposes again because it had no proof of paperwork it was classed LPG (normal road tax for engine size ),finally got to tax and insure the car on the 10th May and I love it !!!!!!

The number plate was purchased in 1998 for my first 2.2 Camry saloon so I had to buy another Camry to fit it to and see me out to the end of my driving days (which hopefully are a long way off).


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Hello Geoff - welcome to Toyota Owners Club

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