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To All Those Who Know About The Gt4


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Hey Ppl,

I am looking at getting a GT4 with in 12 months, but need to know as much as possible about them before making the final decision.

Some of these may be very silly Q's,

Iknow the Gen6 GT4 is a beautiful car, with a fair amount of power and great handling,

But what sort of prices am I looking at for Full and Part Services?

How much roughly are mojor jobs like the clutch etc, and how often do they need doing?

Does the GT4 require an engine rebuild at regular intervals at all,

If the car is well looked after ie. 6 monthly services should the engine and turbo last.

Obvioulsy I would love one of these, but i need to have a fair idea of the sorta cost involved in maintainance.

If you think of anything then I would be very grateful of your help and opinions



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