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Rear wiper for the Avensis Tourer T27

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A couple of weeks ago I decided that the rear wiper needed changing. It should be straight forward buying one. 

Halfords do not list it, Euro Car Parts also do not list it either. I could get it from the online sellers but the price is the same, or more than what I eventually paid for it locally.

My gripe is that ECP actually sell the correct Denso DRB-030, which I bought from a local independent motor factor. It would have been a few pounds cheaper at ECP than any where else - including online. 

I did a bit of research and have told ECP to add the part number "485771926" to the Avensis Tourer T27 for future reference. It has not been updated at the time of this post.

The Denso wiper is used on other cars, and I checked the Denso catalogue which confirms this. I then checked the other vehicles shown on the Denso catalogue, on the ECP website and they all matched! So a bit of cross referencing helps. I chose Euro Car Parts as they are the largest and are price competitive. Main dealers can be expensive!

The fronts are Bosch and easy to obtain from anywhere.


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I just bought the Valeo rear wiper from https://www.carparts4less.co.uk . I think this is the same as Euro Car parts, same dial code and feels the same website with different branding.

For car parts for less pricing:   Valeo - Denco is 4.54 - 9.92

Euro Car parts                   Valeo - Denco  is 6.70 - 14.59

Prices Correct at time of writing.

Might be best to check car parts for less first if your shopping at Euro Car Parts, they dont seem to have the same breadth of parts though.

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Also check and use the discount code on the Euro Car Parts site and you could get it as cheap as the Carparts4less. I reserve and the collect and pay that way. 

Current code is SUMMER35. 

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I bought a genuine Toyota one for about £10 all in, delivered, from Toyota UK direct.

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