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Can't code injectors into ECU - Rav4 2.2


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Hi Folks,

I recently bought a 2006 2.2 Rav4 X3, its in great condition and for the first month I was fairly happy (until the engine siezed :-().  All of the pain aside my question is around injector compemsation codes.

So I, (after several weeks) sourced a replacement engine which came from a 2008 Rav4, same 2AD-FTV engine.  However on having the engine fitted my garage suggested that we replace the injectors and fuel pump for the set from the original engine (as this would get around having to recode the injectors from the replacement into the ECU), I can see the rationale here.  So everything was going fairly well, having nothing to compare the Rav4 to I wasn't sure that the engine was the quietest (its has 53k on it) and I decided that rather than keep the injectors & fuel pump that had done 123k in the engine I'd swap them out for the ones from the 53k engine (less worn presumably).  So here's where the problem starts... so the engine fires up fine, runs ok (but is noisey around 1.5 - 2.5k revs, diesel knock) no major unexpected issues however when we tried to put in the new compensation codes it fails every time (this is with both Techstream and Bosch software), the only assumption my diesel engineer can come up with is that this engine has come from possibly a higher bhp model (I understand there were 2 for this engine at 136 & 150bhp respectively - Mine is the 136 version) and that the ecu cannot recognise the injectors as they are in some way different.


  1. Has anyone else come across this issue?  And if so what did you do to resolve it (I can swap the injectors around again but would like to keep the newer ones if possible)
  2. Is there something that can be done with the ECU to help recognise the new injectors?
  3. Are the compensation codes stored in the Main ECU or the injector ECU?  Would replacing the Injector ECU make any difference?

If anyone can shed light on the above I'd really appreciate it...



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Thanks for coming back..

So this is one of the first of the newer shaped Rav4's and it definitely has the injectors codes inputted to the ECU.  In terms of the Bhp, all I know is that the original unit was a 136 and according to the place I bought the replacement unit, that's what they were supplying.  Physically they look identical although I probably should have checked the injector manufacturer codes on the sides before I fitted them.

I'll reach out to parts King to see if he has any insights to share..

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By age the donor 2008 is too early for a 150 engine and the 180 injectors look quite different, the 2008 car would most likely have phase 2 injectors though and the 2006 cars ECU must be updated to operate these ( minimum software version 342F6000 is required ) also ensure that you haven't mixed up the early and late injectors ( see pic to clarify )as the later software won't operate early injectors and vice versa.

According to Toyota's update bulletin after updating the Engine ECU with the latest software and fitting the modified injectors the compensation codes must be written before the engine is started as damage can be caused by running cars with the wrong software or compensation codes and as you have fitted the newer fuel pump the engine and pump must initialised via diagnostic software before the engine is started

Phase 2 injector identification.png

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Hi Lee,

Thanks for coming back with the information.  So I've just been out and checked the injectors and from what I can see they don't look to be "phase 2", see the image below.

I couldn't see any signs or indications of 2 x marks as per the image you uploaded. 

I was hoping they would be so that we'd have a clue as to why the compensation codes are not registering in the ecu.

I still have the old injectors over at the garage, will check them this evening to see if there's anything visibly different.

Any other thoughts appreciated...



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Hi Mike, 

i was been reading your forum here and jus wanted to ask if what did you do to solve the problems? I am pretty sure that your running your car right now.



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I am currently experiencing a similar issue. Trying to replace and injector on a 2012 Rav 4 and the garage have installed a new injector but are unable to program it to the ECU/ECM as it cancels every time. 

Any additional thoughts/potential solutions would be greatly appreciated. 


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