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Finally found a large forum dedicated to the Toyota. I have just sold my suzuki swift gti and am now on the look out for a starlet gt.

I am going to see one on saturday so might be joining the family pretty soon :thumbsup:

Provided i get a car before i go on holiday i will throw my name down for the northern mini meet.

Look forward to being part of a larger club, because the swift one was a bit poor :)

Hope to meet some of you soon

Tim :ph34r:

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Thanks for all the comments, Here is a photo of my old swift gti, this however isn't the route i'm taking the starlet! Won't be spending all my wages on it i'm afraid!


Starlet will be used for having fun driving in! Hoping to get coilovers, etc for it. But won't be for a while yet, got to get my finances back on track!

If i get the starlet tomorrow i will throw some photos your way :)

Ohh and i live in Doncaster :)

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doncaster eh, they have the donny cruise thing going on there don't they?. a couple of lads from these boards r also locals to u. u'll have no problem makin it up 2 the next northern mini meet then fells ;)


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welcome laddo... looks like there are enough northeners now to make the mini meets... not so mini meets now.. :)

we already had that tho. rem hull?

that was awsome :D


us northeners can only get bigger and better at meets

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Well that was gash :(

The car was mechanically sound but it had, had new paint and was put on really badly, could see runs in laquer, etc, etc.

Also the interior was really tatty, so decided to leave it!

Still on the look out for a nice starlet then :thumbsup:

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