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jaxx thats a very good reply will it fit with out having to mod it? and will it be faster that the 1.5 i have. and lol i had a yrv and it was s**t only the 1.0 l coz they dont sell the turbo here in ireland

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drop diahtsu YRV turbo in it!

same engine as yaris turbo!

I thought the YRV 130 Turbo used the Yaris 1.3 engine .. cos it is a 1.3 after all. Where as the Yaris Turbo is a 1.5?

yeah your right, the 130 Turbo YRV is the 1.3 and the displacement for the Yaris turbo is 1.5


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ah well i stand corrected then! the 1.3 and 1.5 engines look extremely alike and i thought it was 1.5 anyway. only think bout the diahatsu is the lack of camm cover.

makes you wonder if the turbo manifold will still fit though as im pretty sure the 1.3 and 1.5 NZ engines share the same block

trying to determin though if the 1.3 is a 'sleeved' 1.5, or if the 1.5 is a bored 1.3????

Me and Dale were trying to figure it out a bit back??? (any luck mate?? :( )

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1.3: 75mm x 73.5mm (pre face-lift)

1.5: 75mm x 84.7mm

So the 1.5 is a different crank, and a longer stroke than the 1.3. So the T-pot cylinder head is likely to be between 11mm and 20mm taller than the 1.3. You might have to extend the exhaust manifold a little bit from the YRV, depending on the design... but it all looks very similar to me!

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