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2007 Yaris & Double Din unit.


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Hello chaps,

Log since member of the forums from a number of years ago when I had my Corolla T Sport!

Back now as I've just picked up a 2007 Yaris T Spirit - bit of a comedown I know! 😕

Anyway, hoping to draw on some experience. I'm looking at this (cheapo) double din heady it with sat nav etc;


Question is, does anyone have any idea what I may nee in the way of fascia kit, cage etc? I was of the impression this is what I'd need to get extra;



Any clarification would be perfect.

Cheers, Dan.

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9 hours ago, ecosse206 said:

That's the one I got mate. Get that, take out the out radio and remove the side mounts and re use them on that unit ^. You will only be able to put in three bolts on each side cos it doesn't marry up perfect. But do that then fit the facia kit over it and it sits almost flush - bend the brackets slightly if you want it perfect. Also you will need to switch the constant with the blue wire in the loom you get with the fascia to hold the memory.

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Hi Guys,

This topic seems kinda dead, but I have bought a similar setup and was wondering how to connect the steering wheel controls to a unit like that, will is just automatically work or do I need to do some patching here and there?

Looking forward to an answer,



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