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The Les Ackroyd Memorial MR2-ROC Open Event

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:( :D The Les Ackroyd Memorial Open Event :D :( 
Saturday 23rd of July 2016
Chatswoth House, Derbyshire
Parking from 10am £6:00 per car


A BBQ (keeping with Les's style) is being arranged for the day (details coming soon)


This "Very Open Event" is being hosted by the MR2-ROC.

As many of you will know our dear friend Les died on the way to the MR2-DC 25th anniversary Event only a month or so ago.

Les was driving his beloved Silver MR2 Roadster doing what he loved, driving to an event.

Les loved MR2 events and organising runs some of which are legendary, he will be sorely missed.

To honour him and all his efforts on behalf of all the clubs and people he has helped along the way, I've been asked by so many to organise this car event to celebrate and remember with Anne, his wife, that Les would have so loved.

This car meet  fittingly should not be a sombre dirge but a joyous loud party of cars, full of colour as Les was.

A BBQ is also being arranged for the day in keeping with Les's style (details coming soon).

In consultation with Anne and the committee of the MR2-ROC,  Due to the nature of this event I am pleased to invite you all to a "Very Open Event"  all are invited no matter what.

This very open invitation is to other clubs and groups for their members to attend as our guests,

As we are aware he was involved and well respected in a number of groups and clubs beyond the MR2 communities .

You are invited to come and pay your respects in true Les style whether you are a current member or not, even banned members are invited.

Please feel free to share this event on FB or any forum and invite anyone who may be interested as we know his memory, friendship and influence extended far and wide.

Numbers are not a problem as we have up to 800 spaces available.

Convoys from all parts of the country and further afield (some French cars may come over) will and can be arranged, Chatsworth was picked as it pretty much central for everyone.

If you are prepared to lead or join a convoy from your area please indicate where you are and a brief direction of your journey.

Please sign up below by copying the list adding your name and +1's and pasting into this thread.

1. bigbear007

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