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Hybrid T3 VVVT - ZVW30(H) Charging Auxiliary 12V battery


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Hi all,

I would like to top-up charge the 12V Battery. The Battery is not dead or anywhere near that. My charger is a Ctech machine, i.e. terminals do not have to be disconnected.

Any practical way of doing this without having to directly access the Battery compartment?



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The C-tech charger comes with two Battery connectors. One is a pair of crocodile clips for ad-hoc use, the other is a pair of connectors for permanent connection, with holes to take the Battery connector bolts. 

I used the permanent loop connections on my last Auris HSD, which has an almost identical Battery location and fitting as the Gen 2 and 3 Prius. Route the cable up from the battery, past the battery cover into the boot. You can then plug the charger in whenever you want. 

The permanent connection type is IIRC 6mm. Unfortunately the battery connector bolts on the car are 8mm. I just about managed to drill the Ctech connectors out to fit the 8mm bolts. Alternatively, you could just cut off the 6mm connectors and replace them with 8mm crimp connectors - this is what I intend to do with the Gen 4.

BTW, don't buy the battery indicator connector from C-Tech. This has three leds, green amber and red to indicate the current battery voltage. The voltage levels are far too high, so you just spend your time ignoring the red flashing led in the boot.

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