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Hi guys :)

ive just bought my first Toyota Celica vvti 1.8 140bhp 2003 and I love it! However I've heard a few rumours that have sparked my interest and I'm looking for some advise from you experts . So I heard that there is no difference between the 140 and 190 aside from the engine management system which in the 140 restricts it to its modest 140bhp. Is this true ? And if so is there a way to fit the enginem management system from the 190 into the 140 to increase the power output ? Also looking to see if there are any other ways to improve performance in the car I.e. Performance chips , exhaust replacement , turbo instalment or air filters etc ? And if so what kind of improvement can I expect from these modifications ?

many thanks 


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140 and 190 engines are completely different, so I don't know where you heard that from. Nothing is interchangeable on them as far as I am aware, the only thing you may have heard is the 190 is similar to the 140 power wise up until you reach lift in a 190 engined car, but having never driven a 140 I can't compare.


New panel filter with stock airbox is what most go for, I don't know if a 140 has a butterfly valve in the stock airbox or if it's just the 190, but this can be removed to increase noise levels a little. Short ram filters only increase noise and usually lose power, you could go for a long ram filter which is better but expensive.


You won't gain much out of your engine without adding a supercharger or turbo, which will cost you in excess of £4000 just for the kit alone, then theres a new ECU, exhaust, brakes, suspension to think of and also 1-2 days on a dyno getting it tuned. Depending on your BHP output you may need uprated internals in the engine, so to do a proper job your looking at £10k easily.


Check out se7en motorsports, he is the man to talk to about all your gen 7 needs, and the only one to trust with these cars.

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Hi Welcome to TOC. 140's are meant to be decent cars, giving decent MPG, with good looks. the 190's are meant to the same but with a bit more ooomphh. If you want more power the cheapest way is buy a 190 from the start.

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