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Just thought id drop a quick hi as i have bought my 1st MR2. Its a P reg (rev4) in black, very good condition, stlight rust on the sills but thats gona get sorted soon.

I have had  a Lexus iSF and currently own a CLS55 AMG. The MR2 has always been a a favourite of mine and ive had a soft spot for them for a very long time. 

Whilst on the topic, i wanted to know what kind of mods you can do on these to bump up the BHP. Im planninh on keep her for a long time.

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hi and welcome ... i have just bought an l reg g limited and the prev owner installed a v6 camry engine with a longer 5 th gear in the box from woodsport

i used to have an nsx and this reminds me of that when started etc not as compliant as the nsx but there is a 40k price diff  but i love it sound pick up speed etc


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