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Rev 2 13.5sec 1/4 Run

pizza boy

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A m8 of my little bro apparently carried out a 13.51 @ 103.7 mph 1/4 mile. His tuning is bleed valve ,de-cat and induction kit FCD + stock zorst. He claims it was carried out at normal 10psi ....erm. I think he must have cranked the boost right the way up or am I wrong? Can rev1/2 perform this well (it aint exactly a minter either) with basic mods at standard boost?

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Ya but your run was at santa pod=super grippy surface. This run was at a dodgy old airfiled. Its likely he cranked up his boost and just isnt admitting it (so he looks "cool") as I asked earlier if he was up for a little laugh and do a few runs on twisties. Apparently he only wants to "race" me in str8 lines at a 1/4 mile strip which quite frankly is boring and indicates it was a short high boost runs he was making. Says it all really...sad but hes prolly the only mr2 owner I dont like. Hes a bit of an ars* really.

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santa pod is not that grippy there is some one on sxoc called big tone has a 440 bhp s13 and can only run mid 13s there on a crappy air strip ran low 12s santa pod is not that good for grip

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There are so many conditions in drag racing that can affect the 60ft timings, grip is certainly a big one, and this is not totally, but certainly to a large extent generated by the conditions on the day e.g. wet, and the type/compound of tyres on the car.

THen you have driver skill to throw into the mix, plus traction control etc etc

However, on a decent dry cold morning I would expect cars to run good times, I don't think a pre rev3 would run 13.5 without upping the boost. However the 13.7 video is encouraging at 9psi!

Basically if he doens't have a slip/video and cannot prove the cars setup, you are into the realms of pub BHP and other such bull.

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