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Headlights on with ignition - how?


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Have been mostly on the Auris forum, but now got a 2013 Yaris from France and the positions on the stalk are "OFF", parking lights, ON, AUTO.

In AUTO mode the headlights light up when it's dark enough, but in Finland the headlights need to be used all the time. The problem is that it's easy to forget to switch the lights manually on during the sunny day. Is there any way to mod the car in order to make the lights turn on and off with the ignition without the need to do anything? The possible ways to achieve this could be:

- make adjustments through onboard computer. Once they adjusted the auto lock delay for the doors on my Auris through this. But they're saying it's not possible the adjust headlight functionality on this Yaris now.

- add some sort of wiring kit

- play with sensor for headlight AUTO mode. Maybe put some tape on it to make it think it's always dark? This could be the easiest option but I'm not sure if it will work. Also don't know where that sensor is located.

Thanks in advance guys!


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Wouldn't you still need to remember to switch it to AUTO? Or can you leave it there all the time without draining the Battery (with the parking lights)?

It could be done with wiring/relay(s) but knowing modern cars it will be a lot harder than the simple theory suggests.

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No it can be left to AUTO as the lights will turn off with the ignition in AUTO mode now even it's dark outside and they are on while driving.


To answer my own question the sensor is inside the car close to the windshield air vent. It's the black "button". I found out by covering it during the daytime and the lights came on. During the night I was pointing it with LED torch and the lights went off. So solution seems to be simple, just cover the sensor with something. Could look better and more stealth if I'd be able to remove the cover and put the tape on the inside, then put the cover back on. Anyone know how to remove it without braking anything? Thanks in advance.

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So it's done. There are "hooks" on both sides of the sensor cover. I "lifted" them a bit with a small flat screwdriver, one side at a time. Finally the cover popped off without damage. I put some black electric tape on the inside, mounted the cover back and lights started to work as I wanted them to. In AUTO mode they turn on every time the engine starts and turn off when engine is off.

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