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Auris Hybrid Maintenance mode

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Normally the engine only runs to warm itself up. But if you want the engine to idle, to perform a service or emissions inspection, you can set your Hybrid Auris to maintenance mode.

1.  Press the start button twice with your foot off the brake pedal

2.  Depress the accelerator two times fully (make sure, the vehicle is in park)

3.  Put the vehicle in neutral (press the brake pedal)

4. Depress the accelerator two times fully

5.  Put the vehicle back into park (press the brake pedal)

6.  Depress the accelerator two times fully

Now you should see the MAINTENANCE MODE on the multi-information display

7. Depress the brake pedal and press the Start button 

The engine will immediately start to idle and will do so until you turn off the car.  Be careful with maintenance mode: traction control and many other self-preservation systems are disabled when the car is in maintenance mode.  

The idle speed is about 1000 rpm and if you depress accelerator pedal, max idle speed is 2500 rpm.

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auristi if you  follow your instruction except press the accelreator 3 times istead of 2 times

you will go into certification mode this can be used to help you get yourself out of trouble in

the winter months by turning off the traction control i.e. stuck in snow but as soon as you are

out of trouble you need to stop turn the ignition off and then restart the car to get out of

certification mode.

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Toyota auris hybrid flat Battery. Once I got the car charged and running there was a light on the dashboard that won't go off. Traction control. If I enter maintenance mode will the correct the light or does it need reset diagnostically. Thanks. 

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